Kodungaiyur RR Nagar slum stocks up Mosquito Repellant due to Clogged canals

Every house in RR Nagar slum in Kodungaiyur knows Godzilla. Packets of citronella incense sticks named Godzilla double as a mosquito repellent in the hundreds of houses between Chennai’s largest corporation dump yard and Captain Cotton Canal, ever since a massive infestation of water hyacinth surfaced the channel two months back.

Daily wage workers, who live in the tiny slum settlements, spend about a third of their monthly income to buy these sticks that come in packets of Rs 15. D Devarathi, a 63-year-old widow, pulls out a notepad, in which she notes the everyday debt she owes the local grocery shop. “I spent over Rs 3,000 in July alone to buy the repellent,” she said while adding the figures.

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