Karnataka could take leaf out of Tamil Nadu’s book: Intricate Network of Canals Avoided Kodagu-like Flooding in State

It is admirable how Tamil Nadu has managed water received from Karnataka’s Cauvery river. After the recent rainfall that devastated the Kodagu district of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu received copious amounts of water released from the Krishna Raja Sagar and Mullaperiyar dams. This filled up Tamil Nadu’s Mettur Dam twice over the regular level, within the last fortnight.

Tamil Nadu, however, did not have any large-scale flooding like in Kerala or Kodagu. This is thanks to the massive inter-basin network of canals that divert water towards lakes, ponds, tanks and reservoirs. When filled, every canal becomes a reservoir, some lined with cement, and others unlined. This network of canals is the state’s central nervous system, driving its agriculture, and even directing domestic water into towns, en route the reservoirs.

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